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Building Pittsburgh's Food Culture

After being named the #1 food city in the country, it’s important for Pittsburgh to figure out what its food culture is and what that means exactly. Where are we going and who (if anyone) gets left behind? The aim of the panel Food City, USA at Thrival was to discuss this and hopefully forge a direction to start working in. The major values that came out of the panel were that Pittsburgh’s food culture should be inclusive and supportive of the local economy. By following these values, everyone will benefit from the new crown - foodie or not. But what does it mean to be Inclusive + Local?

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Innovation Institute Experience – Part 3: The Blast Furnace

Welcome to Part-3 of our three part series on FoodChain’s experience with the University of Pittsburgh’s Innovation Institute. Over the past few weeks, we have been documenting the company’s experience with the various programs the Innovation Institute has to offer. We hope that it can be a guide to help future entrepreneurs at the university and around Pittsburgh.

I saved our recap of The Blast Furnace for the finale of our three-part series because it was, by and large, the most beneficial program we participated in during our time at Pitt. So it only seemed right that we conclude this series with it.

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Chip Hanlon Remembered

Today is a day filled with heavy hearts here at the FoodChain Headquarters, as tragedy struck all to close this past week.

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Mully's Scratch Series: Pepper Beer Heaven

I love to support local food producers at every chance I get. Their products are infused with passion which makes some really tasty food. It’s no secret that I love craft beer. Whenever I go home to visit family I always try to make it to Mully’s Brewery (Twitter, Facebook) which is right by my parents’ house. They have only been open a few years and produce beers that go toe-to-toe with the best. Plus they are a family operation, which is awesome. Their staff is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the business. You can ask them any question about the beer on tap to what is in the works. Sometimes they will even let you sneak a taste of a new beer recipe they have brewing. It’s a fun place that I recommend stopping by if you are in the area.

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Skipjacks and Oysters

Despite growing up in Southern Maryland, I only (relatively) recently started to eat oysters. Strange, I know. Southern Maryland has a rich history of being a major Oyster hub here in the United States. From the famous skipjacks to the modern oystermen. I was recently home visiting my family for Mother’s day and I knew I had to get some oysters. Our place of choice was Stoney’s at Broome’s Island.

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Introducing FoodChain Verified

We here at FoodChain love restaurant owners, which is why we are proud to introduce FoodChain Verified for restaurants! We believe that the meal experience starts with restaurants and one of our main goals is to help restaurants provide the best experience possible for their customers and reach out to new ones.

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