Who Is Mike

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Hello WORLD!

I am very excited to introduce myself, not only to the world of blogging, but also to the world of Foodies! As this is my first blog EVER please bear with me! I am beyond pleased to introduce myself, not as a Foodchain aficionado, but as a eccentric and pleasant, self proclaimed FOODIE!

I, Mike Sebastiani; Super Dad, Pittsburgh driver, and eater of multiple foods; give you my word to blog to the highest blogging standards set forth by the Galactic Blogging Council founded in 885 B.C. All of that being said, lets get to it!

So, here we are, just another casual “workathon” at the FC Office… Across from me, Justin, Adam, Chris, and John! My fellow comrades of cuisine and brothers of bread. As I sit before you, listening to the rhythmic sounds of key presses, mice clicks, and Barry Manilow’s Copa Cobana (playlist on shuffle) I feel inspired not only to type, but to blog to you, the soon to be fans, faithful readers, users, restaurant owners/mgmt , skeptics, and devout foodies of the world…

But I digress, we did not always have an office, workathons, or fancy titles & Company. To divulge a bit about myself and humble beginnings, I shall have to take you, my readers, on a journey thru the ages and very fabric of space/time. It all started on fateful day inside a Pennsylvanian hospital, back in February of 1987. I was born, raised, spanked, and battle-hardened in the small, suburbian town of Jeannette. Finished highschool, finished college, got a job. Met a beautiful, intelligent, witty, and equally sarcastic girl, and the rest is history so to say. All up until about a year ago! After much collaboration, consideration, brainstorming, research, and general tom foolery, the Foodchain idea was born! To say the least, we have been busier than bees ever since!

n an effort to keep things short and sweet, my role at Foodchain is best summarized as the business/legal guy. Ive also filled the seat of graphic designer, HR, customer support, marketing, and Company DJ. I apparently have good taste in music (;

As keeping with Foodchain’s desire for speed, functionality, and simplicity, ill end round 1 of hello’s for now. There will be plenty more to read and see in the upcoming months! Thanks for stopping by.