in meet the team

Hello, my name is Adam Rison and I’m the Chief Technology Officer for FoodChain Inc. As one of the tech officers of this team, I thought I would lead with a technology-based quote. However, few of them truly capture what I want to convey to you, the readers. I won’t brag about my achievements or bore you with overly specific details about myself. The most important thing that you need to know about me is that I love programming.

I have always been a computer loving kind of guy. Even when I was a kid, I was always the one who would rather stay inside and mess around on my parents’ old desktop or play with my Nintendo 64. Throughout high school, I was constantly trying to find ways to either break programs or games through exploiting bugs. Unfortunately, my high school never offered any computer science related classes, so when I finally made it to college, the learning curve in my programming courses was that much steeper. Additionally, I first went to college to study bioinformatics, so when I finally switched to computer science, I was already a year or two ahead of my peers, but only half as knowledgeable in the field.

For a long time, I felt vastly overwhelmed by all the information I was learning, and with each course, the information would stack and grow exponentially. Eventually I reached a point where I grew comfortable with what I knew, acting like some kind of software hotshot. In fact, I was proud of myself for everything that I knew. However, comfort is the enemy and pride comes before the fall. After being knocked straight in the hubris a few times, I took a very Socratic approach to programming. As Socrates put it, “the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” This couldn’t be truer. It might seem somewhat austere, but once we realize we can never know it all, so to speak, it takes the pressure off and allows us to learn that much more. I’ve become a better developer because of it.

So, now that you know a bit more about me, I can tell you where I fall in with FoodChain. In case it wasn’t obvious, I do a lot of programming and data handling for the group. Moreover, I’m a total food lover, so that coupled with the programming made it destiny that I ended up working for FoodChain and with the great people involved. I couldn’t tell you if I’m more excited to make the app, use the app, or eat the food in my pictures!

That’s all from me for now. I’ll have some software related posts in the future, so for all of you coding junkies, stick around. Finally, remember, you can’t know it all, but you can die trying.