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in meet the team

Hello there! I’m Chris Meier, one of the co-founders here at FoodChain. I grew up along the Chesapeake Bay and ended up moving to Pittsburgh for college 7 years back. Pittsburgh left a great impression on me and I decided to stay. My love for technology, software, and food led me to meet my friends and now cofounders to create FoodChain.

The main draw of FoodChain for me is that we allow you to share your restaurant reviews with the world! I love to eat out, but I always have trouble picking a place to go. I’ve been disappointed plenty of times so trying somewhere new is a bit of risk. I wanted to be able to help solve this problem for myself and other food lovers! With FoodChain, that is now possible. I’m pretty excited to see what you all have to say about the restaurants around town. Nothing beats trying the great bistro on the corner on a recommendation from a friend.

One of my favorite things to do is to cook. I love food and I love making it even more. Connecting with others who share this passion is one of the reasons I joined up to found FoodChain. Growing up along the Chesapeake gave me a deep love for rustic seafood. Nothing beats eating blue crabs and drinking Natty Bo with your closest family and friends on a cool summer evening. Shucking oysters with my parents and frying them up still makes my belly growl with anticipation. Through the seafood from The Bay, I gained a strong love and respect for both food and old traditions.

I’m also a huge fan of BBQ. I picked up my first smoker after college and never looked back. Some of the best food I have ever tasted has come off of a smoker. I can make some delicious ribs and I’m working on brisket and pulled pork. Even though I’m now where near being a master, the simple joy of improving and making delicious food drives me. To me, there is no better feeling than being able to truly craft a meal, right down to the wood that you cook with. Enjoying the food comes in at a close second.

I’m very excited to take a break from development and get out and meet our future users. My main goal for FoodChain is create a welcoming and passionate community of food lovers. By connecting with you through shared meals I hope to start new friendships. I will be one of the faces behind our social media (yes, I am real!) talking to you about your latest guys or girls night out or phenomenal Sunday brunch. I will be out and about talking to foodies, restaurants, and casual food lovers about FoodChain. I want to create the best experience possible for you and connect you with your favorite restaurants. Look for me at various food events around Pittsburgh. I’ll be the one enjoying all the food there. I look forward to getting to know all of you and maybe share a meal or two!