Hunting for the Best Pizza

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Although we love technology and all things it has to offer here at FoodChain, our true passion is food.

We know what the anger feels like when you order takeout and get the wrong food or when your salad happens to have more hair in it than lettuce. We also know that special sense of accomplishment we all get when we find that perfect pizza place or the hidden gem-in-the-rough with the best sandwich in town. It can make or break a day.

Those reasons are exactly why we started FoodChain. It is our mission to help you find the best places around to eat. We know food is not a decision people take lightly. Neither do we.

With that in mind, today we are starting our hunt to find the best establishments around for your eating pleasure. It is going to be quite a task, but we are certainly ready for it! Bring on the food tasting!

Let’s start with an all-time classic – Pizza.

At FoodChain, we love pizza just as much as you do. The perfect combination of cheese and sauce can create just the right development environment. As you can imagine, it is a commonplace in our company headquarters.

That being said, we love to try new places and it can be quite an adventure when no one has tried the establishment before. Through our trials of pizza we decided to start the first annual FoodChain Best Pizza contest to document our different pizza ‘experiments’.

Keep reading our blog as we update everyone on our path to find the best pizza around. At the end of the year we will announce the winner of the FoodChain Best Pizza contest and our “Wall of Shame” winner that goes to our least favorite.

If you would like to participate and share your favorite (or worst!) pizza with us just send us your nomination on Twitter to username @FoodChainApp or message us on Facebook. If you are a restaurant and want to enter your pizza into our contest please visit our website at and contact us through the appropriate link.