Who Has the Best Pizza in Westmoreland County?

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When you think pizza, usually it comes in the form of a craving and when it strikes, you must have a slice, preferably sooner than later.

Now of course, everyone has his or her own tastes. There is, however, a pretty clear and concise general rule for what makes up a good pizza.

That is, a light, firm crust with a slight chewy texture (and it seems more and more these days the preferred crust is on the thinner side), then just the right amount of a delicious tomato sauce, full of flavor with just the perfect spices. Finish it off with an all-natural, real-cheese topping (and plenty of it!), preferably a blend of 2 or more cheeses. The cheese has to be absolutely right to make the perfect pie! It makes the combination of tangy sauce, yummy-gooey cheese and perfect crust something to really savor.

No wonder we all have those cravings like we do.

From this point there is often discussions about the best toppings to add, but the foundation of the pie as discussed so far seems to represent what the vast majority of pizza lovers want in their perfect pie. I’ll let you decide what the perfect toppings are for your personal best pie. I’ll save mine for a future post.

Now that everyone should be sufficiently hungry, I am on a search for the perfect pizza in Westmoreland County. Please help me out and let me know your favorite place or places. I have been stuck in a rut, ordering from the same place for sometime now, and I want to expand my pizza horizons. Comment on this post or reach us on Facebook or Twitter with your favorites (or worst!).

Believe or not, the search for the perfect pizza pie is harder than it looks, especially in old Westmoreland County. There are many weird varieties to sample.

What is really so perplexing though, is just how many different ways you can make a pizza pie and some are truly way out there in left field. There certainly are some rare pizza oddities in the center of this county. The “county seat” as it is so often called.

It is so odd, I have termed it the “Bermuda Triangle of Pizza”. It is an area where the “weird pizza” even gets weirder. A strange triangle where the pizza is no longer what a pizza should be.

Anyway, I will not name the places, but the “triangle” does exist. The three that make up this triangle have created pies quite outside of the norm as discussed above.

One place you find a thick, pasty crust with an odd consistency that seems to stick like glue to your tongue. Another in the “Triangle” has an odd, out-of-order assembly method, focusing on visual artistry rather than good pizza flavor. And another place, is like you are eating the worst, sweet doughnut that you can think of, but add in a little tomato&cheese glaze to the top of the thing. Oh my Yuck, doughnuts are best for a dessert treat, not a pizza pie.

Yes, nothing makes sense in this “Bermuda Triangle of Pizza” located in the center of Westmoreland County.

And the problem is, you really leave these places wanting more as you find yourself still seeking to satisfy that nagging, pizza craving within. And that is indeed a crime to the true pizza-loving folks of Westmoreland County.

Listen, so far there are only two places worth the money in the area of central Westmoreland County in my mind. But please let us know your favorites!

They are: Lucci’s in Penn Township, along Route 130 just outside Harrison City, Pa. The other is Villa Pizza in Westmoreland Mall along Route 30 to the east of Greensburg.

Please check them out, and let us know and send us your favorites and your ‘Triangles’ of pizza misery to our Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag “FoodChainPizzaContest”. Everyone who enters will get exclusive beta access to the FoodChain mobile application coming out in August of 2015!

Because everyone deserves to truly satisfy their pizza craving.

Til next time fellow pizza lovers!