Favorite Pizza – Justin Ruoff

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To me, the most important part of the pizza is the crust. A crust too thick leaves the pizza chewy and tough to eat. A crust too thin can be hard and crispy, leaving my teeth fearful of shattering.

That being said, my number-1 thing that will kill a pizza for me is an imperfect crust. In particular, an overly sweet crust is what completely ruins the pie for me.

We’ve all had that type of pizza. Each bite leaves you with the small hint of sugar aftertaste, similar to a pizza donut. Some people love this type of pizza. Over the years, I have met several people who swear by this type of pie. I certainly am not one of them.

So what is my favorite pizza you ask?

Currently (because my quest for the best pie will never end!), my favorite pizza is from a place called Denunzios Italian Restaurant near my hometown. They have the perfect combination of thin crust, Italian cheeses, and homemade marinara sauce. It truly is a delight.

If you decide to give Denunzios a try make sure you get the X-Large special and tell them the FoodChain team sent you!

Happy pizzaing!