The “what’s What?” of FoodChain

Hello again from the FoodChain Office! With the start of our beta testing, we felt it appropriate to further guide and describe our app in-case there were any users feeling lost or having trouble unlocking the full potential of FoodChain! For “App Help”, press the settings button, then press “Help”. Here you will find resources for app use, hot to’s, app support, etc..

To help you share the meal experience, keep it simple, and fun; here is some explanation to how we arranged the app! Lets start from the bottom up!

The Navigation bar - (or nav-bar), will move you from “wall to wall”, home to notifications, and beyond! As we are non-stop living, eating, working (in that order), FoodChain will always be evolving to work better for you!

First button from the left, is “Home” - represented by a quaint little home symbol! Add a description, edit your profile picture, change the color of your profile skin (for now…), look at Food Journey, and view your followers and other users and/or establishments you follow!

Second button from the Left is “The Wall of Fame” – represented by award laurels! This is where one can browse plates from other users, world-wide, of delicious meals they would recommend another user like you to try! Each post is searchable thru titles, users, hashtags, etc. You can interact with posts in many ways and are encouraged to vote up “the good stuff” by pressing the “Try-it” button. Down vote the “unappealing stuff” by pressing the “Trash-it” button. View and write comments. And if it is not food, or you don’t want to see it and would like it reported, “Flag” it!

The middle nav-bar button is “The Wall of Shame” – represented by a broken plate! In a similar way that the wall of fame promotes great experiences, the “Wall of Shame” will promote bad experiences! Yes, promote a bad experience. In order to make a bad meal better, it needs to be known it was a bad meal in the first place! To further avoid a “Bad Meal”, Down–vote further, or “insert how you really feel here type of bad meal”, again press the “Trash-it” Button and maybe leave a comment! That being said, not everyone has the same taste or preferences, The “Try-it” button is always the way to go if you would like to up-vote a plate! To finish, if it’s not food, is offensive, you don’t want to see it, or want it reported, “Flag-it” and we are on it!

Second button from the right, “Competitions”. We can just let the anticipation build for right now!

First button from the right, “Notifications”, any interactions within FoodChain involving you or a post will show up here! Simply press the notification to be taken to a profile or post, or press a user’s picture to go straight to that user’s profile!

Now to the Top Toolbar!

This contains the “Follow button” – represented by an addition symbol next to a silhouetted person! Here you can view other users, follow, unfollow, or press their profile picture to view their profile!

Next up is the “Search button” – represented by a magnifying glass! Search for plates, (with location turned on) search for establishments near or far, search what is trending on FoodChain, and search for other fellow foodie users here!

Then there is a “Camera button” – represented by a handheld camera! Here is where you can take a photo to post or choose one from your gallery, choose to post plates to either the wall of fame or shame, and tag restaurants you were at, and tag people you were with!

And Finally, the “Settings button” – represented by three little dots aligned vertically above each other in the top most right corner of the app. Here you edit your profile, seek further in app help, or log out in the event you would like to sign in a different user’s account!

As always if there are any questions, concerns, suggestions, ideas, improvements, comments, or hugs to give, point them to me at !