Food on the Move: Not-So-Boring Sandwiches

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Here at FoodChain, sandwiches hold a special place in our hearts. The ones we love the most are ones that break the mold and take the dish to a new level. Today, we introduce a couple of our favorite not-so-boring sandwich food trucks.

Rolling Kitchen

Twitter: @therollingkitch

We first met the guys behind The Rolling Kitchen at a food truck event at Coffee Buddah back in March. As we chatted with them a bit, we learned that this was the first food truck event that they did. Despite being first timers, their food told a different story. Their sandwiches are wonderfully crafted and taste amazing. We all agree that they were one of the best trucks there. I had trouble deciding on what to order since it all looked so good. I ended going with what sounded the greatest (and unfamiliar!). I decided that the Italian beef sandwich would be my dish of choice. It comes with mozzarella cheese and giardiniera. The first bite was amazing. The hot sandwich was a boon on a cold day. The beef was excellent and tender. The mozzarella chess and the giardiniera complemented the beef and made for a wholesome sandwich. We haven’t been able to catch them since then, but we are eagerly anticipating the next time we do. If you see them around do not hesitate to stop and grab an amazing sandwich. Share with us the sandwiches you guys get on twitter, that way we know what to order next time. You can head over to their Facebook page and see where they are going to be next.

Oh my Grill

Twitter: @OhMyGrill

Oh My Grill is a pretty cool truck that sells grilled cheese. And not just normal, plain, boring grilled cheese. They dress it up like they’re taking it out for a night on the town. After gazing at the menu for a while, we finally decided to get the “Number 1.” This bad boy came with smoked Gouda, caramelized onions, bacon, and a chive dipper. It was just what the doctor ordered. One of the best grilled cheeses I’ve had. The Gouda set the mood and the complement of chives, onions and bacon created a deeply satisfying flavor. We were pretty happy with what we had ordered for us to sample. The other grilled cheeses looked just as amazing. They also sell some pretty good sides like mac & cheese along with potato and pasta salads. So if grilled cheese doesn’t fill you up there is always a little something extra to eat with it. Oh My Grill is a great truck that can be found frequently around the Pittsburgh area. Look for them at all sorts of major events and food truck gatherings.