Food on the Move: Crepes and Burgers

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Here at FoodChain, we love trying new food with food trucks being high on our list. Despite being small, they can be one of the best food experiences you have. When you stop in you won’t be let down, which is why we love going to food truck roundups and trying every truck. We can try a bunch of different food all at once and leave fully satisfied. We will be starting a series where we review food trucks called “Food on the Move.” The first installment will focus on PghCrepes and Steer and Wheel.

You can view our photos of the food we tried here


Twitter: @pghcrepes

Before a food truck roundup at Coffee Buddha, we had only seen the crepe stand parked around Pittsburgh. Up until then it had teased us. One of our founders, Mike, had talked about going there pretty much non-stop. When we asked Mike if he wanted to go to the roundup, he looked up which trucks were going to be there. He got really excited when he found out PghCrepes was participating. He drove, so we couldn’t get away from him saying, “I’m going to get a crepe first. I finally get to try one.” It was a long ride.

Lucky for us, PghCrepes lived up to Mike’s hype. The whole time Mike was prodding us to go order one. Most of us saved it for dessert. Mike ordered a custom crepe with strawberries, graham crackers, and powdered sugar. He was giggling the entire time he ate it. I ordered the Graham Crepe, which had graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate chips. It was a delicious s’more that hit the spot. It was the perfect ending to the food truck event.

Whenever we see them open, we always make sure to stop by. The owner is really friendly and will have fun conversation with you while your crepe is made. Their savory crepes have gotten us out of a lunch pinch where we needed a fast meal. They fill this role well, with the American crepe being a solid choice. It is basically a cheeseburger that hits all the right spots. If you see them around Pittsburgh, make sure to stop in.

Steer and Wheel

Twitter: @steerandwheel

Steer and Wheel is a truck that serves all-natural beef burgers that taste great. You can tell that the burger was made with fresh meat and never frozen when you bite into it. They only use natural ingredients from local businesses all throughout their menu. And you can taste the difference with the freshness shining through. This was one truck that we were very excited to try. They pop up around Pittsburgh a lot, and we always miss it for some reason. Luckily it was spotted one day during my morning commute. They were heading to South Side in Pittsburgh and setting up there for lunch. I checked out their menu before heading out and picked the ones I wanted to try.

They only serve a subset of their full menu and lucky for me one was on the list. I ordered a “Jam on It” burger, which came with a bacon jam on top. And who wouldn’t enjoy that? It lived up to its name and was delicious. The bacon jam really brought it together. It was more of a sweet jam than a savory one, which was a little surprising, but it was so good. They also serve different specialty combos for the fries. They were kind enough to give us an order of their specialty combo for the day. This time is was fries with a side of truffle mayo. Their fries are really good and dipping them in the mayo took them to the next level. We highly recommend you pick up those or whatever specialty combo they have cooking. You won’t regret it. And you definitely won’t regret stopping by either.