Introducing FoodChain Verified

We here at FoodChain love restaurant owners, which is why we are proud to introduce FoodChain Verified for restaurants! We believe that the meal experience starts with restaurants and one of our main goals is to help restaurants provide the best experience possible for their customers and reach out to new ones.

Each restaurant that signs up with FoodChain will get a verified restaurant page. Not only will prospective diners get to see all reviews, they will get much more information about your restaurant.

Here’s a list of the FoodChain Verified features:

1. Your logo and a link to your website

2. Your phone number and address

3. Your restaurant’s hours

4. Your restaurant’s price point

5. A link to your menu

And most importantly, your diners can follow you and see all of the plates that you post!

We are also introducing Promoted Plates! These are high priority plates targeted to your followers and diners near you. You can post whatever you like: from a new menu item to your daily special. Anything you’d like to show to prospective customers. You can get promoted posts two ways:

1. One free plate a day (with a limit of one free promoted plate at a time)

2. Purchase more through FoodChain (Individual plates as well as subscription plans are available)

If you own multiple restaurants, you will get one free promoted plate per restaurant. You can also give promoted plates to your managers to use by tethering them to your account! It’s a very easy system to promote your restaurant and food. And the best part is that it’s free to get FoodChain Verified!

We are also doing a deal for early birds! If you are one of the early adopters and become FoodChain Verified, we will be giving you a number of free promoted posts! Contact Mike if you are interested!