Skipjacks and Oysters

in restaurants

Despite growing up in Southern Maryland, I only (relatively) recently started to eat oysters. Strange, I know. Southern Maryland has a rich history of being a major Oyster hub here in the United States. From the famous skipjacks to the modern oystermen. I was recently home visiting my family for Mother’s day and I knew I had to get some oysters. Our place of choice was Stoney’s at Broome’s Island. This restaurant is a right on the water with large windows. The view was fantastic and really added to the atmosphere.

Since I came for oysters, naturally I ordered their fried oyster basket. I should note that I ordered oysters in May. The season officially ends on March 31st. I forgot to ask where their oysters come from during offseason. The oysters were salty, but not the kind that comes from the chef adding a bunch of salt when cooking. It is not a knock on Stoney’s, but is instead a risk of ordering out of season. The oysters were perfectly fried and not greasy. The oysters were not overcooked and mushy. It was an excellent basket and my only problem was that I wanted more! One other oyster dish I’ve had from them is their oyster po boy. This is a great lunch choice and is actually what made me fall in love with oysters. I enjoyed it so much that I frequently try to recreate it at home. It is not as good but still tasty.

If you are ever in Southern Maryland, I would highly recommend that you stop by. Most are in the Calvert area and one being in St. Mary’s County. They all have the same menu so you won’t miss out if you choose one location over another. My favorite location is Broomes Island. It is right on the water and has a rustic menu that captures the spirit of the area. Kingfishers and The Striped Rock in Solomons Island are also excellent choices if you are looking for seafood that is a little more elevated. They serve unique dishes that you won’t find out anywhere else is the area. Whichever you choose, you won’t regret it.