Mully's Scratch Series: Pepper Beer Heaven

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I love to support local food producers at every chance I get. Their products are infused with passion which makes some really tasty food. It’s no secret that I love craft beer. Whenever I go home to visit family I always try to make it to Mully’s Brewery (Twitter, Facebook) which is right by my parents’ house. They have only been open a few years and produce beers that go toe-to-toe with the best. Plus they are a family operation, which is awesome. Their staff is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the business. You can ask them any question about the beer on tap to what is in the works. Sometimes they will even let you sneak a taste of a new beer recipe they have brewing. It’s a fun place that I recommend stopping by if you are in the area.

My favorite part about visiting the brewery is trying their Scratch Series - batches of experimental beers exclusively available in the tap room. When I went in May they were doing a series of pepper beers. Strange, I know. But they were equally tasty. It was clear that they knew how to perfectly match the beer and peppers. They paired common hot peppers with a certain style of beer, such as a Scotch Bonnet Apricot Ale or a Ghost Pepper Belgian Wit. What I really enjoyed was that the heat from the peppers weren’t overwhelming. Instead the flavor of the pepper complemented the beer itself. Lucky for me and my family, one $5 tasting allowed us to try 6 out of the 7 pepper beers. We ended up sharing the ones we couldn’t get ourselves.

My favorites were the Smoked Chipotle Porter, the Jalapeno Rye Pale Ale, and the Habanero Stout. Porters and stouts are my favorite beer styles; plus chipotles and habaneros are my favorite peppers. I love smokey flavors so I fell in love with the porter instantly. It had the right amount of burn that was utterly intoxicating. We loved it so much that we filled up our growler with it and enjoyed it even more when we got home. I’m not usually a fan of pale ales due to their bitterness. I was pleasantly surprised by the Jalapeno Rye and is one of the best pale ales I’ve tasted. This one was not very bitter and had just the right amount of heat. This beer probably had one of the more noticeable pepper flavors. Just the right amount of burn made this pale ale shine. The Habanero Stout was also awesome. The strong flavor of the stout really held up to the heat of the habanero. While this beer was labeled as the second hottest in the series, I didn’t find that to be true. This was definitely a good thing. The stout really cut the heat of the habanero which allowed me to enjoy its fruity flavor. It all ended with a slight burn and tingle in the back of my throat. The tasting wasn’t enough so I ordered a pint of it at the end to enjoy. Mully’s really hit the nail on the head with all of their pepper beers and I hope to see them more often.

Mully’s is a great craft brewery that produces quality beer. I love to visit them and try out their Scratch Series of beers. They produce unique beers that taste great. I thoroughly enjoyed their pepper beers and hope they produce more. I’m very excited to visit again and see what beers they will have for their next Scratch Series.