Mama G's: The Best Local Breakfast Spot

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A not-so-long time ago, in a town not-to-far away, Mama G’s in Jeannette Pennsylvania opened its doors for the first time. For those who don’t know about Mamas, you should remedy that. For those that do know, I’m sure I’ll see you down there for breakfast sometime soon!

It is not often that a place comes along to have food so delicious and well priced that you’ll honestly be planning your next rendezvous before you pay the check, if not before you’re done eating. I went once for breakfast, and have been going back ever since. If I could summarize why in two words: Big Mama. If a breakfast could correlate into another Super Bowl win for the Steelers, or another visit from Lord Stanley’s finest cup for the Pens, ordering the Big Mama, however you like it, will be that championship win for your tastebuds, tummy, and pocketbook. If you can finish it that is!

From the moment you walk in you feel like family. You will get a glimpse into the history of Jeannette through the display cases at the door. Then greeted by any number of awesome waitresses, most of which probably know me not only by name, but by order! For the more adventurous, the “old school” milkshake bar seating is available. If not, a comfy booth or a table by the fireplace will definitely accommodate you! The atmosphere alone sets you off for a nice home cooked meal, and most usually, from Momma G herself! Not to mention the smell of anything cooking will most likely have you excited before you sit down! They have a fantastic catering service too!

The only real question to ask before you’re going in is, “How hungry are you?”. “Nice portions” is an understatement! It is hard for me to move past breakfast, but if you are there for lunch, rest assured, it is just as awesome!

As far as breakfast goes, here’s several words I would like to just leave here….

Custom Pancakes - oreo, m&m, strawberry & cream, chocolate chips, etc

Cheesy Hash Browns

The French Toast though..

Homemade bread

Fresh Everything

Is your mouth watering yet???

I am not a coffee drinker, but if that’s your fancy, of course you’re in for a treat! These were just the first couple things to come to mind…

Lunch will certainly not disappoint your tummy rumblings either. Any traditional sandwich or burger will definitely hit the spot. Accompanied by fries, tater tots, hash browns, or any other sides, will surely leave a lasting impression!

But I digress. Any other commentary from me will not do the proper justice your reading eyes and yearning stomachs deserve. If you’d like to see more from Mama G’s, just search them on FoodChain! And if you are ever in or around Jeannette you will know where to stop if fast food off the highway just won’t do…

Stop by at 417 Clay Avenue Jeannette PA 15644 Mama G’s!

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